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Terms and Conditions

This is a license agreement between you and Jorge Duarte Estevao. It describes how you may use images downloaded  from this website (

By downloading images from Jorge Duarte Estevao website (, you accept all the terms of this agreement.

  1. Type of license

Every file downloaded from Jorge Duarte Estevao comes with a standard license.

  1. Image usage

You may use the images in any way that is not prohibited (see Prohibited usage below). Subject to those restrictions and the remaining of the terms of this agreement, the rights granted to you by Jorge Duarte Estevao are:

  • Three years, meaning there is a expiration date on your rights to use the images three years from the date the file has been downloaded
  • Non-exclusive, meaning that you do not have exclusive rights to use the images
  • Jorge Duarte Estevao can license the same image(s) to other clients
  • Unlimited, meaning you can use the images in an unlimited number of projects and in any media (unless otherwise restricted – see below)

For clarity of this agreement, “usage or use” means to copy, reproduce, modify, edit, synchronize, perform, display, broadcast, publish, or otherwise make use of.

Licensed images examples include:

  • websites
  • blog posts
  • social media
  • Advertisements
  • marketing campaigns
  • corporate presentations
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Film and television productions
  • web and mobile applications

Please make sure you read the Prohibited Usage below.

  1. Prohibited Usage

  • No Unlawful Usage. You may not use images in a pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful manner
  • Strictly no Commercial Use of “Editorial Use Only” images. You may not use images marked “editorial use only” for any commercial, promotional, advertorial, endorsement, advertising or merchandising purpose. This type of images does not include a model or property authorization and is intended to be used only in connection with events that are newsworthy (a blog, newspaper or magazine article)
  • No Standalone File Use. You may not facilitate the usage of images to others to download, extract, or redistribute as a standalone file (meaning just the image file itself, separate from the project or end use)
  • No Use in Trademark or Logo. You may not use the images as part of a trademark, design mark, tradename, business name, service mark, or logo.
  • Sensitive Use Disclaimer Required. If you use images that features models or property in connection with a subject that would be unflattering or unduly
  • Controversial to the person featured in the image, unless is clearly noted that the images are being used for illustrative purposes only, No disclaimer is required for “editorial use only”.
  • No False Representation of Authorship. You may not falsely claim that you are the original creator of a work that is made up largely of licensed images. For example, you cannot create a painting based solely on licensed images and claim that you are the author.
  • No Products for Resale. You may not use the images in connection with any goods or services intended for resale or distribution where the primary value lies in the images itself including, without limitation, postcards, mugs, t-shirts, cards, stationery items, paper products, calendars, apparel items, posters (printed on paper, canvas, or any other media), CDs, DVDs, mobile applications or other items for resale, license or other distribution for profit. This includes “on demand” products.
  • No Electronic Templates. You may not use the images in electronic or digital templates intended for resale or other distribution (website templates, business card templates, electronic greeting card templates, brochure design templates).
  1. Non-transferable image rights

The rights granted to you are non-transferable and non-sublicensable, meaning that you cannot transfer or sublicense them to anyone else.

  1. Intellectual property rights

All licensed images and inherit copyright are owned by Jorge Duarte Estevao. All rights not expressly granted in this agreement are reserved by Jorge Duarte Estevao. No ownership or copyright in any Licensed Material shall pass to you by the issuance of the license contained in this Agreement.


Photo attribution is not needed or commercial use, but if you are using “editorial use only”, you must include the following credit line: “Jorge Duarte Estevao”.

  1. Termination/Cancellation/Withdrawal

This agreement is effective until it is terminated by either party. You can terminate this agreement by ceasing usage of the images and deleting or destroying any copies. Jorge Duarte Estevao may terminate this agreement at any time if you fail to comply with any of the terms, in which case you must immediately: stop using the Licensed Material, destroy or, after the request of Jorge Duarte Estevao, return the licensed images to Jorge Duarte Estevao and delete or remove it from your premises, computer systems and storage (electronic or physical).

If requested, you agree to send a confirmation to Jorge Duarte Estevao, in writing, that you have complied with these requirements.

  1. Refunds

Jorge Duarte Estevao does not offer refunds for downloaded files. Returns will only be considered based on technical issues or faults with the file at the sole discretion of Jorge Duarte Estevao. All requests for refunds/cancellations must be made in writing. In the event of cancellation, your rights to use the images will cease, and you must delete any copies of the image (s).

  1. General Provisions

If one or more of the provisions in this agreement is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions should not be affected. Such provisions should be revised only to the extent necessary to make them enforceable.