Guggenheim Museum in New York City was designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It opened in 1959 and holds a collection of impressionist, post-impressionist and contemporary artThe Twelve Bens, or Twelve Pins (Irish: Na Beanna Beola), is a mountain range of quartzite ranges located within Connemara National Park in the west of Ireland. Some people attempt to hike all twelve peaks in a single dayCregennan lakes in Wales, near Dolgellau, North Wales, SnowdoniaSkycrappers in La Defense, the financial district in ParisThe magnificent Lake Peten Itza in Guatemala not far from the border with BelizeA man faces the snow in Raynes Park, southwest London during one of the last harsh winters in EnglandTwo giant turtles touch play along the coral reef barrier in BelizeLime butterfly (Papilio demoleus) is a butterfly usually seen in large parts of AsiaIn time of drought, Mexico\'s Tarahumara indigenous people turn to tourism in the mountains to avoid starvationBee collecting nectar in a flower, in Regent's ParkThe chapel of São Pedro das Cabeças near Castro Verde, where the historical Battle of Ourique is supposed to have been fought. Here, King Afonso Henriques defeated the armies of five Moorish kingdoms, after a violent and bloody battleBright sunset in Twyn beach, Wales, United Kingdom17 State Street, Battery Park at West Street, New York City, has a shape of a quarter of a circle and was built in 1988 by architects Emery Roth & Sons. It rises to 165.25mGirl looking at the cornish sea on the top of the rockPembroke castle, established in 1093 is located by the Cleddau Estuary in Wales, United KingdomPastéis de Bacalhau (Codfish cakes) are a great Portuguese speciality home made with dried salty cod, potatoes, onion, egg and parlsey. It can be eaten cold or hot. Adopted in Brazil as Bolinhos de Bacalhau